Wintergreen Resort Ski Vacation

Known as the single best ski resort in the South, Wintergreen Resort in Virginia has quite a bit to offer skiers. Featuring 11,000 acres with 19 trails, Wintergreen has a top elevation of 3516 feet, with a 1003 foot vertical drop. Beginners, intermediates, and experts will all find suitable trails at Wintergreen Resort.

To accommodate skiers, there are six lifts, including five chair lifts and one surface lift. There is also a dedicated terrain park for snowboarding. The resort is located near Charlottesville, Virginia, and you will experience breathtaking views of the Appalachian Mountains, and be surrounded by luxury that most people only dream of. There is also a world class golf course located near the resort.

Other activities include tubing, snowmobiling, tennis, hiking, and horseback riding. The Out of Bounds Adventure Center is a very popular attraction at the resort with rock climbing and bungee trampolines. The Outdoor Wilderness Leadership school offers corporate retreats, real rock climbing, rappelling, and mountain biking.

This is an ideal spot for a family vacation. You and your children can participate in a variety of craft workshops, enjoy campfires and storytelling, go on hay rides, and enjoy many more community events that are scheduled throughout the year. There are many planned activities for families, including winter hiking, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and swimming in a cozy indoor pool.

While vacationing at Wintergreen Resort, make time to see the civil war history attractions, and visit the local wineries as well. Also take time to enjoy the Wintergreen Spa. At the spa, you can be pampered with massages, body wraps, skin treatments, and nail care. You can also visit the Mountaintop Aquatic and Fitness Center which features the latest in cardiovascular equipment, strength equipment, heated pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas.

The Wintergreen Performing Arts has many musical performances throughout the year that are sure to delight you and your family. If you are less interested in culture, and more interested in nature, the Wintergreen Nature Foundation is for you. This foundation promotes the understanding and conservation of natural resources that the Blue Ridge Mountains are famous for.

No matter what your interests are, if getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is what you want, this is the number one spot in the South for fun, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The Wintergreen Resort is open all year long, with activities that are suitable for every season.

Bankruptcy – Last Resort

Regardless of the short and long term consequences related to filling bankruptcy, this particular population filling for bankruptcy is rapidly growing.

Statistics show that 5.4 people out of 1000 filled for bankruptcy on 2005 and this trend is increasing by 7%. Governments and financial organizations are concerned with the incredible easiness with which people opt for bankruptcy.

Let us define the meaning of bankruptcy; the word bankruptcy literally means “broken bench”. In the past, when a debtor could not pay off his debts, his workbench was broken in two pieces as a warning to future debtors. Nowadays, it is defined as a legal term to help an individual or a business in a financial hardship and ease down the burden of the debts.

The legal term “bankruptcy” is defined as an individual that cannot, within reason, pay off all of his debts and agrees to let the government take over his finances in order to ease off his debts.

Bankruptcy laws were created to protect both debtor and creditor. Laws maintain the balance and permit equal conditions in order to satisfy all people involved in the process. The main function of bankruptcy can be shown in two ways:

– Giving a debtor a new start by relieving him of the majority of his debt

– Creditors do not lose their money completely

Several studies show that the main cause for filing for bankruptcy is the increased levels of consumer debt which is normally tied up with an unexpected event, like losing your job, a medical emergency or the loss of a relative. According to economists, the average person that files for bankruptcy is a middle class worker, with no superior studies, just high school graduate and usually the head of a family that has a heavy usage of credit.

There are different types of bankruptcy around the world, which are defined by specific laws for certain purposes. Each bankruptcy is different from the every other, especially within countries. For instance, in the United Kingdom, bankruptcy can only legally be filled by individuals and partnerships, whereas in the United States and Canada, bankruptcy can be filed by businesses, as well.

In the US, there are two ways for filing for personal bankruptcy. One is known as Chapter 7 and the other as Chapter 13. Chapter 7 plan demands debtor to liquidate all assets, with no exception, and to distribute them equally among all creditors. In Chapter 13, the debtor does not need to liquidate: The debtor agrees to a payment arrangement, which pays for a portion of his unsecured debt and the rest of the balance is forgiven. The majority of people opt to file for Chapter 7.

When you apply for bankruptcy, you are required the services of a lawyer, especially a lawyer that deals with bankruptcies and that has experience with these kind of issues. After filling for the bankruptcy, court will designate someone to arrange the payments for you to make to your creditors and to define how much of your income will be used to repay your debts. Court will let the person make payments, or withhold some money of this individual’s paycheck toward this goal. One of the secondary effects of this process is that your credit options will be very limited, as a result of the legal action and the unwillingness of creditors to issue credit lines to those who have filed for bankruptcy. Once the money designated by court and has been paid off, bankruptcy will be cleared from your credit history and you will be able to start rebuilding your credit “status” once again; this could take years to regain creditors trust again, but it is worth it.

Due to the remaining effects off filing bankruptcy, it is advisable to take bankruptcy as a last resort. Loop up for another alternatives or consult a lawyer to see if there are any other alternatives to consider before declaring yourself or your business in bankruptcy.

– Sell some material goods to pay-off your bills, especially when your financial situation starts to decline.

– Minimize expenses and cut down on all unnecessary expenses.

– Let a specialist review your case or consult an accountant. They could help you make a plan to progressively pay off your debts without filing for bankruptcy. Also, saving could pull you out of a financial breakdown in no time.

– Refinancing some assets and using the surplus to pay off your debts

If nothing else works, consider bankruptcy as your last option. This way you will stop the situation from becoming worse. Remember, bankruptcy should be applied to as last resort.

Taveuni Island Resort & Spa

Consistently voted one of the top Fijian Resorts, Taveuni Island Resort & Spa is a small exclusive luxury resort which offer’s the Ultimate Tropical Island Experience.

It has been described as the most beautiful small resort in the world

‘Set amongst ten acres of lush gardens are twelve elegant luxury bures of unsurpassed style and comfort. Romantic and private they boast panoramic views over the beach, ocean and surrounding islands.’

This is the description of the Taveuni Island Resort & Spa that made me want to find out if it was all that it seemed.

In fact I didn’t realise that the bures [cottages] are not on the beach, but perched on a cliff top above the beach, so there is a walk involved here.

Accessing the hotel is not difficult, there are several flights a day from Fiji’s international airport at Nadi, the flight time being about 90 minutes. Be aware there are quite strict weight baggage limitations.

The staff meet you at the airport on Taveuni and it only takes about two minutes to get to the resort.

Accommodation is important to all of us on our vacation, and the bures at the Taveuni Island Resort & Spa are exceptional. All are decorated with cool tiles, native floral arrangements, and water colours. There are king size beds with beautiful linens, either fans or air conditioning. Add to this private romantic courtyard showers, and views to die for.

As you would expect from a top class resort Taveuni has a mini bar, coffee and tea making facilities, bathrobes and hairdryers, but it is the little extras like fresh daily cookies that set it apart.

The view from the cliff top pool is another major plus, and in fact the lack of children is a joy, compared to other resorts I have visited.

Dining is another high spot, and the dining area is situated on ‘The Deck’. You can expect dishes from Fiji, India, and everything grown locally is organic. If you stay in one of the villas, you have your own chef and staff!! Meal times in common with other Fijian resorts are quite rigid.

The Taveuni Island Resort & Spa is a definite honeymoon destination, near the top of the list

A Spa Resort Weekend Break

A Weekend break is always a good idea for welcoming relief to rest a little from hard work and everyday life in the city. Many chose to ease themselves from the accumulated stress, time managed life and pressure that has built up during the weeks that have passed.

A typical Spa Weekend break will usually mean that you will be spending Friday night to Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning in a hotel or beach resort. These are typically the destination spots of travelers as it is here where you could relax without traces of busy, hectic city life. You can stay the weekend in hotels and beach resort because their relaxed and comfortable environment would ease out all your worries and strains from work; albeit temporarily for just a few days.

A perfect weekend break will include some treatments in the spa center, some for beauty and some for health, like energizing massages that will relax the body and increase the blood flow. Many of the spa resorts have large gardens and areas you can take long walks, spend quality minutes together with your significant other, and reflect on your life in a way that your busy everyday does not allow you. Naturally you will also find a lot of find restaurants and healthy dinning that can also be used to spoil yourself with the simple pleasures of life.

Today, resorts and hotels have changed for the better adding luxury and convenient edifices such as a spa room for the travelers to even enjoy their weekend breaks to a maximum. A spa break is today’s what most would look for because it not only takes off your strain and stress during the weeks of working but eases out your anger and depression as well from your different encounters in life.

Although a spa weekend break could be costly, you can locate the kind of spa center or hotel/resort with spa services that would fit your budget. Spa weekend breaks are offered in different kinds of services which practically everyone could afford as prices vary depending on the location and kind of services. Locations also vary and depending on your requirement you could avail the treatment and service through a health spa centers, spa resorts, and health spa farms.

If you are going to take the weekend off in a spa center or resort, make sure you have researched enough so you can pick the right location which would cater to your specific need and preference. You can also bring along your children, as today there are spa centers that cater to younger tots. This way, not only you could cap the weekend away with relaxing and energizing moments but your child also could take a break away from his stressful school weekdays.